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"A right is not what someone gives you, it’s what no one can take from you. "


About us

Legal firm NEXUM* is a united team of professionals focused on success and maximum positive result of the work.
We specialize in rendering legal services in finance and all lawyers of our team have long practical experience in financial entities.
OUR MISSION is to make our clients confident in triumph of justice and law.
- to provide our clients with legal means of their maximum possible profit; 
- to protect our clients from violation of laws.
- good faith in relations with clients;
- individual approach to each client;
- flexibility and creativity in thinking;
- team-spirit in developing effective solutions;
- acting in legal framework only.
Our professional experience allows us to confidently specialize in different areas of law and provide qualitative end-to-end legal and consulting services.
One of the major directions in our activity is legal and consulting services in financial market. We render services equally to financial organizations (banks, insurers, professional participants of the security market, leasing, factoring, mortgage companies) and their consumers.
Our specialists provide high level support of transactions and business in general such as participating in negotiations with contractors, developing and delivering legal recommendations, drafting contracts, coordinating and preparing business letters, etc.

*NEXUM is the name for a ritual in ancient Roman law to formalize loan relations

Our customers

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